All rentals are for 5 day periods, starting from the day you select on the calendar in the checkout process. 

All packages are scanned by USPS on arrival. Once the rental is scanned and marked as “Delivered” by USPS you are responsible for your gown for the next 5 days, or until you ship it back (returning it early is totally fine!). 

We cannot guarantee delivery dates and cannot offer refunds due to shipping delays.

On the day your rental arrives we will email you a shipping label for its return. Please be sure to check both your inbox and spam folders for your return label. Simply print the label, put it on the box and drop it off at your local post office.

All Golden Hour Gowns have been lovingly handmade and are perfectly suited for photography sessions of all kinds. The rental gowns cannot be used for event wear (weddings, etc.)

Please let us know immediately on the arrival of your gown if there are any damages or if it is obviously in need of cleaning (photos required). As long as you communicate these concerns on the day it arrives you won’t be held responsible. Communication is key!

Gowns cannot be submerged in water. They are not suitable for shoots in or directly around water.

Any dresses shipped late (after the 5th day of the rental period) will result in a 50.00 late fee charge per day. 

Serious damages beyond repair and requiring us to take the gown out of rotation will be considered a purchase, charged the retail price and sent back to you.

Repeated failure to care for the gowns properly or delays in return shipping will result in the inability to continue renting from Golden Hour. 

Golden Hour Gowns is not liable for any injury to renter or renter’s clients while using a rental.


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